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European Research Alliance

A strong demand from public authorities, agriculture professionals, and society in general, all over Europe, has spurred collaborative research in order to accelerate the agroecological transition. To face a challenge of this magnitude the joint declaration of intent “Towards a Chemical Pesticide-free Agriculture” aims to rethink the way research is carried out and develop new common research and experimentation strategies, not just at a national level, but throughout the whole continent. This declaration was signed on 23 February 2020 by 24 research organisations from 16 European countries. Driven by the French Institute INRAE and its German counterparts ZALF and JKI, this unprecedented endeavour has brought the European research community together around this ambitious vision of an agriculture free of chemical* pesticides. The declaration, formalised on 23 February at the Paris International Agricultural Show, with support of the French Ministries in charge of Agriculture and Research, in presence of Amelie de Montchalin, The French State Secretary of EU Affairs, establishes a European research alliance, aiming to build a scientific roadmap that will soon be presented to the European Commission, as a contribution to the European Green Deal.

Since then, the European Research Alliance kept growing and it now gathers 34 members from 20 European Countries.


#FieldTrip_EU by Pierre Girard

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Pierre Girard and his prize

20 October 2023

By: Communication

Field Trip, the YouTube series about the Alliance, receives the Reporters of Hope Awards

On 12 September 2023, the video series Field Trip by French science journalist Pierre Girard, co-produced by INRAE, was awarded the “Prix Reporters d’Espoirs” (Reporters of Hope Awards), which honours journalists who report on innovative and meaningful answers to major concerns of our time.

24 September 2024

Berlin, Germany

ZALF Landscape Conference 2024: "Agroecosystems in Transformation: Visions, Technologies and Actors"

The Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) will host the third edition of the international scientific conference "Landscape" titled "Agroecosystems in Transformation: Visions, Technologies and Actors" from September 24 to 26, 2024 in Berlin. The first “Landscape” conference took place in Berlin in 2018. The second edition was held in 2021 as an online event.
The General Assembly of the European Research Alliance 'Towards a chemical pesticide-free agriculture' took place in Uppsala on 22 May 2023.
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Discuss the diversity of business models used worldwide for the different types of biocontrol strategies and their potential for wider implementation.
Discuss strategies for crop protection with little or no chemical pesticides to make crop production more robust, resource-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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